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Hands and Feet

Basic Manicure
Look your best by having your nails groomed. Includes filing, cuticle shaping and trimming, and a hand massage with polish application.
Approximately 30 min. $35

French Manicure
Traditional manicure grooming with French polish application.
Approximately 45 min. $40

Magic Manicure
Entails the traditional grooming of the nail, plus an exfoliation from the elbows, a paraffin treatment and nail polish application.
50 min. $45

Rest your tired feet in our pedicure bath. Includes a relaxing soak, toe grooming, and a gentle sloughing and exfoliation of dead skin cells from the feet. Your feet will look prettier and feel better with the included foot and lower leg massage plus polish application.
50 min. $45

French Pedicure
Traditional pedicure grooming with French polish application.
50 min. $50

Just For Him Pedicure
Our men’s pedicure includes a relaxing soak, toe grooming, and a gentle sloughing and exfoliation of dead skin cells from the feet. A foot and lower leg massage, plus a warm paraffin dip keep your feet feeling great.
50 min. $45

Petite Pedicure
For those in a hurry, a quick soak and grooming of the toes will do wonders.
25 min. $25

Petite Manicure
Like our Petite Pedicure but for the hands.
20 min. $20

Just a Dip
Relax those tired feet with a soak and warm paraffin wrap. Grooming not included.
25 min. $24


Full Set $55
Fill $40
Repair (per nail) $5
Regular Polish Change $7
French Manicure Polish Change
Hand/Foot Nail Bleaching $10

Waxing and Hair Removal
Brow $10
Bikini $37
Sideburns $10
Full Face $45
Half Arm $25
Full Leg
Lip $10
Chin $10
Back $40
Full Arm $35
Underarm $20
Half Leg $40
Full Leg & Bikini $85


By The Bay Relaxer For Men
2-1/2 hours
Hydrotub, 50 minute Massage and Facial $150

By The Bay Relaxer For Women
2-3/4 hours
50 minute Massage, Facial and Pedicure $170



Swedish Method
The Swedish Method uses traditional, long, fluid strokes with pressure deep enough to be effective yet relaxing enough to be thoroughly enjoyable. This massage is highly recommended for those receiving their first massage. This technique improves circulation, relieves sore muscles and reduces stress.
50/80 min. Prices range from $75 - $115 per person.

Deep Tissue
The Deep Tissue Massage is designed for those who are familiar with massage and who desire deeper and firmer stimulation of the muscle. This invigorating massage emphasizes trigger points to treat injured, exhausted or stiff muscles.
50/80 min. Prices range from $85 - $135 per person.

Reflexology is an Asian massage that focuses on your body's pressure points to relax the entire body. This massage concentrates on the pressure points of the feet and how they affect specific areas of the body. This highly recommended technique is very popular and really works!
25/50 min. Prices range from $45 - $75 per person.

Our Aromatherapy Massage is a light lymphatic body massage that delights the senses and uses essential oils for stimulation, relaxation and detoxification. It is designed to target specific areas of the body, whether an aching back, stiff neck or tight shoulders.
50 min. $75

Massage for Two
Have a relaxing session as you and a friend enjoy a massage together, each with your own individual therapist. Great for friends and couples.
50/80 min. Prices range from $75 - 115 per person

Warm Stone Massage
Benefit from this unique and effective massage in which the therapist uses a combination of cool and warm basalt stones to extend the massage technique and apply pressure to tired muscles. The heat of the stones, combined with oil and massage, provide a deeply penetrating and intense muscle relaxation. It’s amazing.
50 min. $75

Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage
A concentrated traditional Swedish massage focusing on the areas most stressed: neck, back and shoulder.
25 min. $45

Prenatal Massage
Our prenatal massage is the ultimate in pampering for the mother-to-be. Various
massage techniques are designed to relax, soothe and reduce tension during this exciting, but sometimes intense period of body changes.
50 min. $85

Body Exfoliation Treatments

Body exfoliation treatments are beneficial in removing dead skin cells and assist in rejuvenating new ones. The treatment can release toxins and enrich the body through the topical application of vitamin-rich products.

Gulf Coast Body Polish
A Gulf salt scrub with relaxing aromas is rubbed into your skin in a gel form to rid your body of dull, dead skin. Skin cells are removed with an aromatic cleansing gel combined with vitamin-rich minerals from the Gulf of Mexico. To complete the invigorating exfoliation process, this treatment finishes with a rich, conditioning lotion for silky smooth skin.
50 min. $70
Add a 25-minute massage for an additional $35.

The Magic Glow
Your choice of sea salts are used to achieve soft, touchable skin. The exfoliation process is followed by a relaxing rub down with balancing essential oil and jojoba, a body mask of nutrients made of river algae minerals, and an enriching conditioner for that all over glow.
50 min. $70
Add a 25-minute massage for an additional $35.

It’s Not Just Mississippi Mud
Mississippi Mud is a natural detoxifying body wrap, which has therapeutic properties. Allow the extracting factors of this wrap to assist in purifying the body. This treatment removes and replaces impurities, concluding with a revitalizing body lotion to seal in moisture.
50 min. $70

Soak It In

Just relax. A personal tub is drawn just for you, with your choice of additives. A soak is recommended prior to your massage to aid in softening the muscles.

Fountain of Youth
Capture the benefit of minerals and rich algae from the Bay without stepping on the sand. This bath is full of minerals and nutrients for the skin. Great for sore, tired muscles and to stimulate circulation.
20 min. $25

Salt Bath for Two
Soothe yourself and a friend with minerals from the sea, a natural soother and vitamin-rich bath.
20 min. $25

Botanical Bath
Your choice of moisturizing essential oils or aromatic botanicals to create the perfect mood for you. De-stress, detox or seek serenity.
20 min. $25

Facial and Skin Care Treatments

Each facial treatment includes a skin analysis and the following basic services: cleansing and toning, exfoliation, massage, eye treatment mask and SPF protection. Facials may have emphasis on your particular skin needs, which could include attention to sensitive skin conditions, lightening for hyper-pigmentation, and nourishment from proteins and herbs for an aromatherapy treatment. Depending on your skin type, ingredients such as multi-enzymes may be used to deeply cleanse pores, Vitamin C to deliver antioxidants, or our signature Casino Magic anti-aging glycolic enhancement.
50 min. $70
80 min. $100
(includes hand and foot paraffin treatment)

Just For Him
All facials are designed with both men and women in mind, however, we have designed a special facial just for men. Our 50-minute facial encompasses a facial massage and addresses shaving issues, allowing him to be truly pampered.
50 min. $70

Back Facial
A complete exfoliation of the back with deep-cleansing and extractions. This process leaves the skin ready for a soothing back remoisturizing.
50 min. $70
(includes neck, back and shoulder massage)

On the Go Facial
For those on the go, a deep cleansing facial and eye treatment will invigorate your face leaving you feeling refreshed with cleaner, smoother and healthier looking skin.
25 min. $40

For more information, call 1-800-5-MAGIC-5
or contact us by email.

Hair Treatments

Shampoo only
Shampoo reconstructing
conditioner treatment
25 minutes
Shampoo & style
Shampoo, cut and style
Bang Trim
Men’s shampoo, cut and style
Mustache/beard trim
Neckline only
Special occasion
“up do” With shampoo starting at
Without shampoo
Braid starting at
Hair Color
(prices include hair coloring service only)
Single process
(prices starting at)
(prices starting at)
Color Gloss
Corrective color (by consultation)

*Prices are based on starting cost.
*Price may vary depending on hair length or condition.



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