Marathonbet casino review jackpot

Marathonbet casino review jackpot
Marathonbet casino review jackpot

The likelihood that a player will be able to hit the jackpot in the lottery is so small that it is sincerely surprised at such a stir around this entertainment. However, the answer to all skeptics is the real cases when Fortune smiled at people with multi-million jackpots. It is about the lotteries that gave the biggest winnings to their fans, we will talk below.


The EuroMillions lottery is attractive to many players in that citizens of several European countries (France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium) can take part in it. This makes the jackpot of the game incredibly large, which Marathonbet casino review leads to its great popularity. The participant needs to guess 5 numbers from 50 numbers, and also note 2 numbers from the “star” category. Such a bingo, which, as practice has shown, can bring a significant replenishment of the family budget.

So, 2012 was for the married couple of Bayfords (Great Britain), to put it mildly, memorable. They managed to win 190 million euros. As expected from a couple who lived very soon before, they put their jackpot on the elements of a chic life (entertainment, cars, real estate).

And the year 2014 was remembered by the Portuguese citizen (who did not want to provide his data) with a similar win. After, in 2017, the same 190 million was received by a player from Spain, who also preferred to hide his name.


Marathonbet casino review jackpot

As for Powerball, we can say that this is a national lottery, played only in the United States (44 states out of 50 take best casino in prague part in the game). Each of the players must guess with their ticket 5 numbers out of the available 69, as well as 1 special out of 26. Draws are held twice a week. At the same time, the special attraction of the lottery is that its jackpot is not fixed, but depends on the size of the lottery. This leads to incredible winning stories.

So, a certain Mayvis Vanchik, working as a doctor in Springfield, in 2017 “robbed” the national lottery for as much as $ 759 million! Particular emotions were caused by the fact that the woman, having bought 5 lottery tickets, celebrated the birthdays of her relatives in them, and also the only one of her favorite numbers – 4. As soon as the news of an incredible victory came to Mavis, she immediately decided to leave work and get all money in one payment. It is characteristic that such a payout format reduces the winning amount by almost a third (interest-free money can be received by partial transfers for a long time). However, the 53-year-old American sensibly reasoned that 480 million should be enough for her.

The 2018 draws brought a major victory to a couple more players. The first was a lady from New Hampshire, who received about 350 million dollars, and wished to remain anonymous. The second – a man from New Jersey, who took, taking into account all tax payments, more than $ 180 million.


The Mega Millions lottery distributes its tickets in almost every state in the United States. Its characteristic feature is the cumulative jackpot. The win is formed on the basis of several draws, which makes it extremely attractive. To become happy winners, participants need to “just” guess 5 of the 75 presented, as well as indicate 1 of the special 15.

Of course, the probability of getting into a winning combination is extremely small. However, October 21018 was marked by the largest ripped jackpot in the history of the lottery. A resident of South Carolina (who wished to remain anonymous) was able to guess the combination that gave him access to the amount accumulated over 12 weeks. The total jackpot amounted to 1.6 billion dollars! Even taking into account the rule of reducing the amount with a one-time payment, the size of the gain amounted to almost a billion dollars.