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Kings best casino in prague
Kings best casino in prague

When talking about monarchs, we usually present tedious ceremonies, balls and favorites. Moreover, only a few think that the powerful of this world, including historical figures, are not alien to simple human passions. So, looking at the memories of contemporaries, you can find out that many iconic people of their time were prone to various kinds of gambling. We will talk about several such personalities in this article.


On the account of the impulsive and somewhat inconsistent monarch Henry VIII, there were two whole renunciations of the Roman church, two executions by cutting off the heads of their own wives and a ban on the operation of gambling best casino in prague establishments. The latter, undoubtedly, does not stand on a par with louder deeds, but it is also quite surprising for the reason that the ruler himself had an incredible craving for gambling.

According to the king, he was the most passionate of the gamblers of England. Which is partially true, because the man managed to try almost all the games that existed at that time in the country. At the same time, despite the wide selection, his favorites in terms of gambling were card games, throwing dice and backgammon.

Like many fans of gambling establishments, the king sought to win the smile of Fortune with dashing behavior and high stakes. However, luck was not favored by the head of state. It didn’t even help that Henry did not at all boast of his title at the game. Trying to beat anyone, he sat down at the table, even with a commoner. But this did not help, and the king’s gambling debt was enormous.

Particularly noteworthy in this regard is the event associated with the passion of Henry VIII. One evening, the monarch fell under the power of excitement so much that he used the bells crowning the towers of St. Paul’s Cathedral as a bet. And after that, he lost from literally one roll of dice. At the same time, the bells remained in the cathedral due to the fact that, by a strange coincidence, the player who defeated the king that day was executed very soon. The official reason is treason.


Kings best casino in prague

As their historical sources know, Charles II was “obliged” to the English Revolution for his acquaintance with the world of gambling. It was the events of that period that led to the abolition of the monarchy, the execution of the king and the hunt for the head of the current heir.

Fifteen-year-old at that time, Karl had to hide in French lands, where he met with gambling. And having already returned to marathonbet casino mobile his homeland and ascended the throne, the young man brought to England what he loved in exile. Gambling

Impudent and flouting the established rules of conduct of the king, coupled with constant balls and trips, secured him the nickname “Merry King”. At the same time, despite his own frivolity and an avidness for female beauty, Karl was distinguished by an extremely thoughtful and skillful game. Whether it be cards or dice, the king remained restrained, and therefore often won.


A lot of historical works have been written about the manners and whims of the absolute monarch Louis the Fourteenth. His pursuit of luxury was evident in everything, including his passion for gambling.

After all, it was Louis who instilled in the French high society such a form of entertainment as gambling. And it was he who brought the usual card games to the category of expensive activities, the rates in which were simply unbelievable.

It is noteworthy that the inhabitants of the Palace of Versailles and their retinue are so used to this kind of entertainment that they arranged card parties almost every other day. Moreover, the scope of events could be limited to a personal meeting of a pair of players or cover the entire yard. The king himself and his wife participated in such competitions exclusively as a croupier.