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888 Casino ratingWe go to the 888 Casino rating to exchange money for chips. And play with these chips in some game. After we play a game and win (or lose), these chips are exchanged again for money. The difference between those chips that we bought in the beginning and those that we exchanged for money at the end is our winnings. Or loss, depending on this difference.

Meanwhile, the chips can be played in any game that is played in our casino. Absolutely in any. You can play card poker. You can play in the machines. You can play roulette. You can play a million card games. You can play what you want - the main thing that you have chips. These chips - analogue of the money that is in your wallet. But at the same time, these chips - your present, which you can drop or multiply right now, playing them in this or that game. When you buy the chips, you buy your right to play the game. You pay at the cash desk and here you take the right amount of chips. There are quite small chips among them - one cent. There are bigger chips - say, one dollar.

888 Casino ratingAnd there are bigger ones - ten dollars or even a hundred. In our casinos (the ones that used to be, of course) the chips were worth a different price. The smallest chips were one ruble each. Then there were ten roubles and one hundred roubles more, but they were rare. Simply, nobody bought them. Mostly, they took the ones that were worth a rouble. However, those chips were long gone. That is, they are somewhere - somewhere on Baikal or somewhere else. But not here - not in Moscow or the Moscow region. In the law on game zones there is a mention of some specially allocated territories. But best online casino site for players nobody knows where they are, these territories.

And it is not clear if there are any at all. Well, okay. We bought the chips and are going to play. And after playing and playing, we go to change the chips we won at the cash desk. Here we have to take all the taxes from us. And pay the money we won. For example, today I won a hundred dollars. From this money is taken the tax on the winnings. It is usually very small. Some cents. From a million will be, of course, more. But it is not very much either. The question is how much will be from the winnings, say ... ten million dollars? Ten thousand? Or a hundred thousand dollars? Yes, probably, about that. But there is no need to regret this money.

It contains all the infrastructure of gaming houses - including fire safety and security. Both of them have a special meaning - when you have won a lot of money. You don't want to have any problems, do you? They will not - thanks to these taxes. Having paid everything you owe, you get the money and leave the casino... And what happens if you really have a lot of money? And if you need a chaperone - to get to the hotel or to the bank? In this case, you will be assigned a special armed man. He will take you where you need to go. And everything will remain between you - including how much money you have won. I mean the chips.

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